Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wedding Gift ( a card)

Hi again.. :) Yeah today i got some time... so posting all my stuff.. :) Here is a wedding card I created for one of my friends wedding.. Its a waterfall card. Has 6 flaps .. on each one there is a transparent pocket with a Tag containing message from each friend. As we pull out the tab on right end the pages turn one by one. The flourish creepers are the stickers I got from a local shop (Kitsons). The fence on each flap with sunflower are the same. You might have seen it on ICR. :). I posted  the pics there as well.

Hope u liked it.. :) Hope to come back with a new post soon :).

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

quilled frame

Hi there.. a quick post of quilled frame which I created last month. Yeah I know its too late :) its just that Trisha (my daughter) is keeping me too busy... :)
Pink one is old one(2yrs ;) )  and black one is new one.
Tthe base is made with news paper rolls and then painted. Hope u like it :)