Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wedding Gift ( a card)

Hi again.. :) Yeah today i got some time... so posting all my stuff.. :) Here is a wedding card I created for one of my friends wedding.. Its a waterfall card. Has 6 flaps .. on each one there is a transparent pocket with a Tag containing message from each friend. As we pull out the tab on right end the pages turn one by one. The flourish creepers are the stickers I got from a local shop (Kitsons). The fence on each flap with sunflower are the same. You might have seen it on ICR. :). I posted  the pics there as well.

Hope u liked it.. :) Hope to come back with a new post soon :).

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

quilled frame

Hi there.. a quick post of quilled frame which I created last month. Yeah I know its too late :) its just that Trisha (my daughter) is keeping me too busy... :)
Pink one is old one(2yrs ;) )  and black one is new one.
Tthe base is made with news paper rolls and then painted. Hope u like it :)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

MY First Mini Album

Hi  All .. , 

Finally I am here with a Post...... I was struggling last whole night to upload these pics, as they were getting vertical on uploading. 
So here is  my first Post to my Blog. As I am a new Blogger and have two year old daughter who keeps me busy all the time, so it makes difficult for me to be regular here..

Anyways... so here goes my first Mini Album. I learned the paper folds from 'Just a few mini Series' by Elsa and Krystal .. I would like to thank them, as I never thought that i will be able to make a mini album, but after watching there tutorial series, I thought of trying my hands on it, and yes I came up with 'not so bad' Album. There is only one issue there its that of binding, I don't have the binding rings with me.I have used ear rings instead of them.. :) . As most of the pages have 3D flowers, so it have become too bulky.. to bind up...

Any ways... I will find a way out for that.. I have uploaded most of the pages, front n back, I will try to upload a video of it, as watching video will be more enjoyable i think..
you enjoy watching the pages..

 Hope u all like it.  Flow in your thoughts n suggestions please...
See you soon with a quilling frame..

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Exploding box

This is my first trial on exploding box card. I used the 'Itsy Bitsy' 12x12 cardstock for its outer layer. Also flowers are from Itsy bitsy.

Inside the box, I used popup flowers and small dangling butterflies. I was not having the acetate sheet, so I used the trasparent sheet on the box of my daughter's barbie doll box to give the dangling effect.

These are readymade flowers of foam sheet with glittery effect.
The Flaps contain two pockets, bigger one containing picture tag and the smaller one with journalism.
So it was a box with bundle of some memories.