Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Exploding box

This is my first trial on exploding box card. I used the 'Itsy Bitsy' 12x12 cardstock for its outer layer. Also flowers are from Itsy bitsy.

Inside the box, I used popup flowers and small dangling butterflies. I was not having the acetate sheet, so I used the trasparent sheet on the box of my daughter's barbie doll box to give the dangling effect.

These are readymade flowers of foam sheet with glittery effect.
The Flaps contain two pockets, bigger one containing picture tag and the smaller one with journalism.
So it was a box with bundle of some memories.


  1. This is beautiful..love your choice of papers and accents!! Why haven't you been blogging..please continue to share your work...I love it!!

  2. Thanks a lot Tejal. I started paper craft this summer only.. and now got a chance to create a Blog. ICR is a great platform , I am glad that I found so many crafter friends in India. I will surely keep uploading my creations.. thanks for encouraging me :)

  3. Wowww Shefali.....excellent work you did....its superb....keep posting...

  4. THis is the best!!!! No words..

  5. wow... i love the flowers... and the fan fold album... actually I like all your albums ... really good work... looking forward to see more of your creations


  6. Love all your albums !!! the fan fold album is just superb....


  7. I am really inspired by exploding box and I would like to know kind of paper you have used.

    Please keep blogging, I love all your craft :)

  8. Thanks all.. really your words gives so much inspiration to me. Akshi I have used thick cardstock paper for it. I purchased it from 'Reliance Timeout' Stationary section. 'Itsy Bitsy' brand. It is available online also. If u don't get it then u can use a thick sheet with a good stiffness and then put printed sheet on it. There are many crafters in India who sell beautiful printed sheets and many online stores.