Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hi there ..
Ya.. ya.. I am Alive.. :)

Well no comments on why I am posting on my Blog after long...  :)
But I was not out of touch from Craft world.. or FB or social sites.. Just the enthusiasm of doing stuff online was lost... I was just watching every ones updates, tutorials.. or Pics.. but very rarely giving comments.. or likes..

But Offline I have been doing a Lots n lots of Craft.. that is one thing which I can't live without now.. :) U know if I have headache n I create something which I Love. it vanishes.. :)

Now I have created so much stuff that I can daily post one till 2 months.. the only thing is no Laziness should come.. J
Ok now enough of history .. here I created this Oragami Box in Last 2 days.. so thought of putting it here  first…
I am not  very good in clicking pics… so bear with me.. J Tried to create a crafty environment…

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