Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hi friends...

Yes.. yes.. its  an update of the 31st night event... as I told u I was going to keep a small stall in the society for the new year function... I did so .. n it was really a hit.

Initially I was so nervous... 50% of the people in our society are retired n aged people, and then here in south India people prefer to wear gold. So was thinking what will happen, how will people  react.. etc.. etc.
Also I kept some of my handmade cards, albums n  boxes there.. just for the presentation n to get orders if anyone is interested 
But to my surprise people not only bought the earrings... (aged people bought for their grandchildren.. ladies bought for their college going gals...) College going gals were all fascinated by ear rings alnd small kids were having fun in seeing different kind of mechanical cards.. they were going n coming back... People were very keen to place orders.. n also they wanted to know if I can teach ... :) I am so GLAD :) and my happiness doubled when I yesterday saw that my creation made it to top3 on CRAFTERS CORNER challenge#3... yayaya... I am enjoying it more now :) .

Here are some Glimpses of the event...


And here is the messy room... we created every night while working on the quilling.. :)

Will be back soon .. with some other stuff...



  1. Congrats Shefali...looks like you made some gorgeous stuff and had an even more gala time.All the best to you!

    Dr Sonia

  2. congrats dear!!! Way to go

  3. This is fabulous!! Wishing you loads and loads of success!!
    And thanks for the fabulous comment on my blog...I do hope you complete your flip book and share it up soon!! would love to see it.